What is the purpose of using dental x-rays?

What is the purpose of using dental x-rays?

March 2, 2023

Many dental problems can only be solved after dental x-rays, so that the doctor accurately discovers the location of the pain and works to provide the appropriate treatment.


What is meant by dental x-rays?

Dental x-rays are specialized images of the teeth, jaw bones, and surrounding tissues and structures. Dentists use these x-rays to assess the health of the mouth, teeth, and gums. The x-rays can detect tooth decay, as well as provide information on complex treatments and prognosis. Different types of x-rays are available, which show details of each The upper and lower teeth are in the area being examined. Panoramic x-rays are also used to detect dental problems by providing a comprehensive view of the mouth and jaw.


Types of dental x-rays

There are a number of types of x-rays, the most important of which are:

CT images

It is performed using a computerized tomography device and is indicated for specific cases such as oral prostheses, oral lesions, dental implants, and bone grafts The advantage of CT over conventional methods is its ability to accurately measure anatomical distances and volumes The most recent dental imaging technology available is triplex CT dimensions that allows for a more advanced and accurate visualization of the oral structure.


panoramic photos

A panoramic dental x-ray is a type of 2D x-ray used for dental examination. It provides a comprehensive view of the mouth, including the teeth, jaws, and other structures and is commonly used in patients who require orthodontic treatment or orthopedic surgery.

A cephalograph is a specialized form of panoramic dental x-ray that is used to measure the size and shape of the bones of the head and provides a highly detailed image that can be used to assess dental health, detect problems and plan treatment.


Are dental x-rays dangerous?

Studies have shown that having more than one dental x-ray in a year can triple the chance of developing a common type of tumor. However, this risk is still small when compared to the potential benefits of the procedure, such as the ability to detect abnormalities in the mouth or jaw and ensure proper occlusion. It is also important to note that lead shields can be worn during the procedure to reduce any risks. While there is some anecdotal evidence linking overexposure to radiation with cancer, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.


Do dental rays cause harm to pregnant women?

Dental X-rays are generally considered safe for pregnant women, as the amount of radiation exposure received is very low and unlikely to have any negative effects on a developing fetus, and while it is recommended that pregnant women avoid unnecessary exposure to X-rays, it may be necessary In some cases due to morning sickness and increased acidity which can erode the teeth.


Dental radiation damage

While the radiation used in dental X-rays is generally considered safe, it can still cause harm to developing fetuses, as well as double or even triple the risk of brain tumors and dental damage if the scan is done more than once a year. However, the benefits of radiation far outweigh any potential risks.

A medical study also suggested that dentists should carefully choose the amount of radiation appropriate to the age and size of the patient to reduce potential risks.


Dental radiation damage to the thyroid gland

A new study finds that people who undergo X-ray imaging, such as computed tomography and arterial catheters, are more likely to develop thyroid cancer, and the thyroid gland is known for its high sensitivity to radiation, as it can contribute to mutations in gland cells that lead to cancer.


The cost of dental x-rays

The cost of a dental x-ray may be affected by the location of the clinic, as well as whether additional pre-treatment is required or not, in Turkey, for example, the cost of a dental x-ray can be much lower than in other locations as well as delivered with high quality.


Are repeated x-rays dangerous?

Experts believe the risk is small and the benefits of regular X-rays outweigh the risks. Children and teens who are prone to cavities may need to have them more often, but they should be done as needed.


Pros of receiving dental treatments in Turkey

It is possible to get professional quality dental services, this is due to the presence of experienced dentists and modern medical facilities across the country, which provide excellent care at an affordable cost. Moreover, the risk of receiving inadequate treatment is low due to the strict regulations in force in the country all medical facilities in Turkey.

Moreover, there are many types of dental treatments available in the country such as dental crowns, veneers, Hollywood smiles, and orthodontics. All these treatments are performed with advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that patients get high-quality results at an affordable cost.


What encourages the choice of Turkey is that, over the past years, it witnessed a great renaissance in the medical sector, achieved many impressive results, and became a destination for patients of different nationalities.

These were some of the answers about dental x-rays, their advantages, necessity, and disadvantages, and we answered the most common questions. In case there are more inquiries, do not hesitate before visiting our website, as it contains a variety of topics related to dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.


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