Types of obesity surgeries in Turkey

Types of obesity surgeries in Turkey

February 9, 2023

The idea of ​​​​operating obesity in Turkey has become a very popular option among those who suffer from excess weight, as it is almost the only way to get rid of this damage, which poses a threat to health on the one hand, and it is an unpleasant form and far from elegance on the other hand.

In this article, we will highlight the most important and well-known operations that help lose weight. If this is important to you, do not hesitate to follow up with us until the end.


The most famous obesity surgeries in Turkey..what are they?

In light of the great developments witnessed by the medical sector in Turkey, there are many procedures that help to lose excess weight, and which one is best for your cases is determined by your specialist doctor.

Gastric banding

This operation is done through the endoscope, as it is not surgical, and this is reassuring for many people. The specialist doctor works to divide the stomach into two parts, upper and lower, and there becomes difficulty in emptying the upper part into the lower part, which delays the feeling of hunger, and the meals that the patient eats become few, and any small amount or morsels may satisfy him. Simple.

One of the basic features of this operation is that it is safe and suitable for almost all cases, and after the operation, the recovery becomes very fast, and the good news is that it is possible to control the restriction of the band around the stomach.

Are there downsides to gastric banding? Certainly, some negative aspects have been recorded, the most important of which is the feeling of nausea, and this is what happens with all other operations, as well as the patient loses a lot of weight within a short time. Unfortunately, whoever does not maintain a healthy and appropriate diet will be subject to regaining a large part of his weight over time.


Sleeve gastrectomy

It is considered one of the most famous operations that lead to weight loss, during which a large part of the stomach is removed, and only a part of it remains that does not exceed 20% of its total size. Meals and their quantity, and within a short time, the patient finds that he is only several kilograms of weight.

One of the main drawbacks of this surgical procedure is that it sometimes does not provide the desired results for the patient, and therefore a specialist must be consulted to help study the case accurately.


rerouting process

What you do not know about this process is that it is used only in cases of very severe obesity, where more than 70% of the size of the stomach is removed, and then the small intestine is bypassed more, and it is a kind of complex operation, and whoever performs this surgery will lose a lot of weight quickly and in In this context, it should be noted that the patient will not reduce the size of his meal that he eats, but he may suffice with one during the whole day, because its main function is to reduce the amount of absorption only and not to reduce appetite.

On the other hand, this operation has many negative aspects, such as severe malabsorption over time, and this is a very dangerous disease. Hernias may form above the abdominal wall if it is performed through endoscopy, and therefore the patient will undergo another operation to correct it.


Gastric balloon operation

This has also become one of the common operations among those suffering from the problem of excess obesity, and it is easy, as it is done through local anesthesia and laparoscopically, where the specialist doctor lowers a balloon into the patient’s stomach, and after it is stabilized or placed in the appropriate way, it is filled with saline solution, and thus takes a good amount of space in the stomach and works to make him feel The patient gets full quickly and will only need to eat at intervals.

Despite the advantages of this operation, there is a risk that the balloon may burst, and therefore we must have a quick medical intervention to remedy the matter before the patient’s life is endangered, and the patient may feel stomach pain and constant nausea.

It should be noted that after some time the balloon will be removed, that is, after it achieves the required results, but the patient must maintain the result by practicing sports activities and following a well-thought-out diet.


Important tips when performing bariatric surgeries

If this is your first experience in undergoing a weight loss operation, you must consult more than one specialist and well-known doctor in this field to recommend appropriate solutions and assess your health condition. If there are health problems, the operation may not be appropriate.

Turkey is considered one of the most suitable countries to perform these operations after the many developments that the country has witnessed over the past years, as today it has a selection of the most important specialized doctors, technical cadres, technologies and advanced hospitals.

After the operation, a specific diet must be followed according to the doctor’s instructions to maintain the final result of the operation without returning to face the risk of obesity.

The costs of bariatric surgeries in Turkey are an ideal option because they are considered low compared to other countries such as Europe and America.

Excess weight is a serious danger that must be eliminated as soon as possible, because it is a great danger to public health and leads to many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. In addition, it is an unpleasant and inconsistent appearance and may lead to feelings of inferiority, that is, it has a negative effect on the psychological side.


The risks of weight loss operations

Possible risks associated with these procedures include infection, blood clots, malnutrition, and vitamin deficiencies. In some cases, patients may experience complications, such as an abdominal hernia or intestinal obstruction. In addition, the long-term effects are still being studied, including a possible increase in the risk of infection with gallstones or other digestive problems.


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