Types of night guards and what are their benefits

Types of night guards and what are their benefits

April 20, 2024

Night guards are the solution to many problems that we may be exposed to during sleep, such as great pressure on the teeth, and this phenomenon causes very great damage to the teeth and this article will be your complete guide to knowing the uses of guards and the cases that require its presence.

What is a dental night guard?

A dental night guard is a device that is placed in the mouth while sleeping to protect the teeth and gums from wear and tear that may occur as a result of excessive pressure on the teeth and jaws during sleep, as dental night guards are typically made of soft, flexible plastic and are customized to the structure and shape of a person’s mouth and dental Night Guard evenly distributes pressure and reduces the harmful effects of clenching on the teeth and jaw

  • Symptoms resulting from pressure on the teeth and jaws
  • If you suffer from teeth grinding or jaw pressure during sleep, this requires a night guard to avoid the following symptoms:
  • Erosion of tooth enamel
  •  Teeth crack and, in some cases, breakage
  • Headache
  • Jaw pain
  • Inability to chew food
  • Ear pain

What are the types of night guards?

There are three main types of dental guards:

Ready-made dental guard

  • Ready-made dental guards can be purchased from pharmacies or sports stores, but they have some side effects. Among these damages are::
  • Inability to adjust its design to fit the teeth perfectly.
  • Difficulty breathing and speaking while wearing it, due to its large size.
  • Failure to provide complete protection for the teeth, which may expose them to injury.

Thermal dental guard

  • This type is distinguished by its ability to take the exact measurement of the mouth, but it requires that you place it in hot water in order for the plastic mold to become flexible.

Dental guard upon request

  • This type is made based on the doctor’s instructions and according to the size of the patient’s jaw, but it may take a little time in addition to its high cost compared to the previous types.

night guards
night guards

How to care for your dental night guard

There are a set of steps that must be followed to maintain your dental guard in good condition and usable, especially if it is custom-made, because if it is damaged, it means that you will incur a large financial cost:

  • Make sure to wash the condom with water before and after use.
  • Place the condom in a box with holes and tightly packed to prevent damage.
  • Do not expose the dental visor to the sun.

You must also see a doctor periodically to examine the condom and ensure that it is fit for use, as damage to the condom can also be noticed immediately if holes begin to appear on it.

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