Types of dental fillings and features of each

Types of dental fillings and features of each

February 3, 2023

When tooth decay occurs, the patient immediately goes to a specialist doctor in order to rectify the matter and fix the defect, and the doctor digs out the damaged tooth and replaces the place of damage with a temporary filling, and later it becomes permanent, and this is what almost everyone knows, but did you know that there are many types of dental fillings? Each of them have certain advantages?


Learn about the types of dental fillings

Through the following paragraphs, we will talk briefly about the most prominent types of dental fillings.

1 – Temporary fillings

It is a kind of a large list that is placed for a short period of time for the patient before it is removed and another is placed in its place to be permanent. In this context, it must be noted that this filling can fall out of the patient’s mouth at any time and it can be broken if it is placed for a long time or something hard was eaten on her.

What cases require a temporary filling?

They are used in cases that need more than one session until the treatment or restoration is completed, so that the tooth is not left open without anything, as the matter may increase.

It is also used after root canal treatment.

In the event that the tooth and its nerve become inflamed, it is placed for a temporary period to be sure that the patient’s condition has become well.

In cases that require emergency and immediate dental treatment.


2- Permanent fillings

It is used in the last stage of treatment and is not removed later. The good news is that it gives the housing the natural appearance it had, so the patient does not feel a defect or anyone, and it lasts for long years, at least ten years..Is it necessary to replace the permanent filling every once in a while? Certainly not, especially if it has been well taken care of and the harsh things that may expose it to breakage have not been dealt with and therefore may have to be processed again.

In general, the age of the filling depends on a number of factors, such as its type, habits of the person himself, and how he takes care of it, but many cases recorded many years without having to reconsider its placement.


Did you know that permanent fillings come in many types?

Types of permanent fillings

The following are the most common types of permanent dental fillings.

1 – Gray fillings

The common name for it is silver fillings, as it consists of silver and carries a gray color, and also contains a little copper, mercury, and tin. It is the oldest of all, and it is widespread in abundance, and although it dates back to many years from now, it is still used because it has a long life that may exceed 15 years. It is suitable in terms of cost and durable, it is difficult to break, but at the same time it has negative dimensions, as it is not appropriate on the cosmetic level, and it does not give the teeth a white glow as all patients wish, and in some cases it may leave traces of gray color on the teeth, which causes inconvenience to the patient, and add to all that there have already been many people who are allergic to mercury, which is found in it.


2 – Optical fillings

As for this type of filling, it is also widely spread in dental clinics and among patients, and it is considered a favorite for them as well. It is a soft paste that is placed in the tooth after completing its treatment completely, and then a light is directed on it in order for it to gain hardness.

One of its advantages is that it gives the tooth its previous shape without noticing a difference, and it can be done in one session, so it does not need multiple sessions. It should be noted that it is safe for everyone and does not cause any harm or sensitivity to the patient.

Optical fillings carry some negative aspects, as they are subject to breakage in some cases, such as when excessive pressure is applied to them, and they may sometimes be short-lived.


3 – Golden fillings

This type of fillings is made of gold, which is its main component, in addition to mixing it with other materials. One of its advantages is that it has the ability to withstand for very long periods without being subjected to harm, and on the aesthetic level, it is better than silver fillings.

One of the downsides of using it is that it is expensive and cannot be done in just one session, as is the case with photoepilation, and in addition to all that, it may have an inappropriate appearance, and this is not desirable for many people.

* An important note about gold fillings, which is that if they are placed next to a tooth filled with silver, this will cause a lot of sensitivity and pain, because an interaction may occur between them.


4- Ceramic fillings

As for this filling, it is made of porcelain or zircon, and among its advantages is that it is not subject to pigmentation and has the ability to maintain its white color for long periods, and it is durable and unbreakable.

On the cosmetic level, it is very suitable, as it is not possible to differentiate between a healthy tooth and a tooth that includes a ceramic filling, but in addition to all these advantages, one must pay attention to an important thing, which is that it is very expensive, and this is what does not suit many people.


5 – Glass fillings

This type of filling is made of acrylic and is particularly relied upon to treat cavities that occur in children, but always keep in mind that it is of little durability and may break easily or under any pressure and will not last for more than a few years.


6- Colored fillings

It is called colored because it is made according to the color of the tooth next to it, and a plastic material is added to it, and then it is placed on the tooth with an adhesive. In terms of results, the best result will be obtained very easily, and this is what made it a choice for many, and it is also used to restore a tooth that has been broken. .

You have to keep in mind that they often have a short life and are also very expensive.


In conclusion, the type of filling suitable for you is determined by your specialist doctor, according to what your condition requires. If you feel that there is a defect or pain in one of your molars, do not hesitate before telling the doctor so that the matter can be rectified and you will be given the appropriate treatment.


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