Tooth decay

Tooth decay

April 30, 2024

Tooth decay is one of the most prominent dental problems in children and adults, as it causes great pain and makes us feel ashamed of our smile, in addition to the problems it can cause if the infection worsens and remains untreated for long periods.

This article will be unusual. Instead of learning about the problem of caries that seems familiar to everyone, we will learn about ways to treat it, but at home, without the need to go to the doctor, so follow along with us.

تسوس الأسنان
تسوس الأسنان

What are the causes of tooth decay?

  • Infection with bacteria in the mouth and neglect of treatment
  • Neglecting oral hygiene
  • Not getting the required amount of fluoride
  • Dry mouth
  • Eating disorder
  • The presence of braces in some cases causes tooth decay

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Treatment of tooth decay

Treating caries can be easily treated by a doctor, but since our content is how to treat it at home, here is a suggested group of the most prominent of these methods:

  • Avoid eating sugar at all, as it is the primary source of nutrition for the bacteria that cause pollution
  • Completely avoid phytic acid, which is found in abundance in grains, legumes and seeds
  • Eat dairy products that contribute to the flow of nutrient-rich fluids into the mouth
  • Rinsing in oil
  • Avoid fast foods
  • Eat fruit
  • Eat wheat grains

This may seem insufficient to some, but following the above-mentioned steps, eating these foods, and adhering to the instructions will completely eliminate tooth decay and restore health and strength to your teeth.

The role of Blue Medical in treating tooth decay

Always remember that the Blue Medical Clinic, which includes elite dentists in Turkey, will be with you during your dental treatment journey, and whatever the type of injury, the doctors are here with you, providing everything required for wellness and restoring a beautiful smile without the pain of dental treatments and using the latest medical technologies.

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