The main causes of obesity in adolescents and children

The main causes of obesity in adolescents and children

January 1, 2023

Many teenagers and children suffer from the problem of obesity and being overweight. Is this a problem or not, and how can it be eliminated? How can we avoid reaching this stage?

The editorial team at Blue Medical Center in this article will highlight the most important details related to this topic.


The most important causes of obesity in adolescents and children

Obesity is a growing concern among adolescents and children in the modern world. There are various factors that contribute to the increase in obesity rate in this age group. The most important causes include poor dietary habits, lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors, and some medications.

Poor eating habits often lead to obesity in adolescents and children. Eating foods that are high in calories and poor in nutrients on a regular basis can lead to excessive calorie intake, which can lead to weight gain. In addition, skipping meals can lead to Food or not eating regularly increases the risk of obesity.

Lack of physical activity is also a major cause of obesity in teens and children. With the spread of technology, many young people are increasingly engaging in sedentary activities such as playing video games or watching TV instead of engaging in more active activities such as sports or outdoor activities. As a result, they may not get enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

Genetic factors can also play a role in obesity among teens and children and some genetic conditions such as Prader-Willi syndrome can increase the risk of obesity if not properly addressed through diet and exercise.


How to treat obesity in children?

Childhood obesity is a growing problem, and it is important to take steps to address it as early as possible. Healthy lifestyle choices, such as proper nutrition and regular physical activity, are essential to prevent and treat childhood obesity.

Parents and caregivers can help by providing nutritious meals and snacks, limiting screen time and encouraging physical activity and should also set an example of healthy eating and exercise habits for their children to follow.

A health care professional can provide guidance about diet and activity levels appropriate for each child’s age and weight. Dietary changes may include reducing calories from high-fat or sugary foods, increasing fruits and vegetables, and limiting processed foods. Increasing physical activity can help burn calories and build muscle. .

In some cases, medication or surgery may be recommended to treat obesity in children. Medications should only be used under close supervision of a health care professional. Surgery should only be reserved for those who have not been successful with modification of diet and exercise.


Disadvantages of being overweight on children

Children who are overweight can face significant health risks that may affect them both mentally and physically. Being overweight in childhood increases the risk of developing chronic diseases as an adult, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. In addition, children who are overweight may face a variety of other issues related to their weight that can negatively affect their lives.

First, it can be difficult for children to deal with the physical effects of being overweight. Obesity increases the risk of developing joint problems and musculoskeletal pain, which can lead to lower levels of physical activity and exacerbate the problem. Moreover, children who are obese are often more likely to have high blood pressure. blood, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases.

Secondly, being overweight can also have a negative impact on mental health. Overweight children may have lower self-esteem and be more prone to depression or anxiety. They may also feel isolated from their peers due to negative perceptions of body weight or size.

Obesity operations in Turkey

Tips for mothers and fathers to maintain the health of their children

Ensuring your child gets enough rest is important to overall health and establishing a consistent sleep schedule will help promote healthy sleep patterns, allowing your child to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Eating nutritious meals provides your child with the energy and nutrients needed for growth and development. Educate yourself on the recommended nutritional guidelines and make sure to limit snacks, drinks and processed foods.

Children learn by example, so it is important for parents to model healthy behavior themselves and this includes getting enough rest, exercising regularly and eating nutritious meals.


Are bariatric surgeries suitable for children?

For obese children, bariatric surgery can be a life-saving option as the surgery works by shrinking the size of the stomach, which makes it easier to control calorie intake. In addition, some procedures also help in reducing the absorption of fat and calories from food.

 It is important to note that bariatric surgery is not a “quick fix” because it requires major lifestyle changes in order to achieve lasting results.


This is the most important information that interests you about the problem of obesity and overweight for children and adolescents, and by visiting our website frequently, you can view the most important other topics related to this context, where you will find many answers to your various questions.

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