After the teeth are completely lost, there will be a need to put a full denture in the mouth, as it is an ideal solution that performs all the functions that the teeth used to perform, such as chewing and showing the exits of wars when speaking, etc. A denture is manufactured that is suitable for the patient’s condition and mouth.

Did you know that dentures are movable? It certainly has advantages and disadvantages, which we will learn about below.


What is the shape of the denture?

The specialist aligns the teeth next to each other just like the normal teeth and gives them an attractive appearance as much as possible. It consists of the upper jaw and the lower jaw, and you should know that it is the last solution that the doctor resorts to after the patient has lost all his teeth and there is no longer an opportunity to install bridges or bridges. The like..Implantation may say a more perfect and better solution, and this is true, but it is not suitable for all cases on the medical level, and it may not be appropriate in terms of cost because it is very expensive compared to dentures.


What is a removable denture?

This type of dentures is the most common and widespread, and the patient can put or remove it whenever he wants to do so quite easily, but one must pay attention to an important matter, which is that if the patient wishes to return it, he must put a special adhesive for this matter until it is fixed in place and does not move while eating or talk.


Characteristics of the moving denture

There are a group of features that are known for the movable denture, as follows:

– It can be put on or taken off whenever you want without any difficulty.

– It does not affect the gums and does not carry any side effects.

– Its cost is very appropriate and reasonable compared to other solutions.

– It can be adapted quickly only a few days before the patient feels it his teeth.


Disadvantages of removable dentures

As there are a lot of positives, there are also some disadvantages and side effects, namely.

It should be cleaned in a special and appropriate way on a daily basis.

In some cases, it may lead to bad breath.

It can rub against the gums and cause pain and irritation.

If it is not fixed in the mouth well, it may move from its place during eating or speaking.


Stages of installing a denture

The patient cannot get a denture in place of his missing teeth whenever he wants to quickly, as he will have to wait for a few weeks before doing so because there are many procedures that the doctor will take and it takes some time.

The doctor will take measurements of the upper and lower jaws to determine the required measurements and send them to the laboratory to be manufactured using the appropriate materials.

A kit similar to the real one will be made of plastic and tested on the patient’s mouth a number of times to make sure that everything is in order before reaching the final copy.

Before anything and after completing the manufacturing of the kit, it will be studied whether it is suitable or not in terms of shape, size and dimensions.

It is tested on the patient’s mouth, and if there is a problem, it will be solved in terms of modification and others.


How is the movable dentures taken care of?

Intuitively, whoever puts this kit in his mouth should realize that he must take care of himself, as it is normal for some bacteria in the mouth to pass to him, and therefore it must be cleaned to preserve it for the longest possible period, and all the doctor’s instructions must be followed, and the procedures for caring for it vary according to its shape, type, and other the details.


Do dentures break?

This is very likely, especially if harsh foods were eaten on it, but when this happens, it can be fixed by a specialized expert, and in some cases this may be impossible, and a completely new one must be manufactured.


Dentures in Turkey

Turkey is known as one of the most important countries in the world in the development and medical renaissance that it has been able to achieve over the past years, and today it is a major destination for medical tourism in the world. They praised the care, care, results and integrated treatment journey they received.

There are dozens of famous specialized clinics of high importance and excellent services, which are no less than those in Europe or America, but on the contrary, they are superior to them in terms of prices, as the cost of dental treatment in Turkey is cheap when compared to others.

But if you are wondering exactly about the cost of manufacturing dentures in it, there is no specific answer, as this matter varies depending on many factors, the most important of which are:

The patient’s condition.

The quality of the materials used.

The hospital or clinic where he or she has chosen to receive treatment.

The specialist doctor who will carry out and supervise the matter.

The level of services provided to the center to be provided to patients.


Have you heard about fixed dentures?

This is completely unlike the movable one. If the first one can be removed and placed whenever you want, the fixed one cannot do this at all, as it is attached to the gums according to a special technique. It is comfortable as it does not move from its position and does not slip. If there is a need for this, and in some places it is better than dentures, as it is more durable and stronger, and has more endurance. There is no need to worry about putting it and cleaning it, as you must deal with it exactly as natural teeth, and finally add to all your information that it is a protective shield for the jawbone. It does not make them damaged by the loss of teeth.


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If you have any questions about dentures in Turkey or about other treatment options, do not hesitate before contacting our medical and advisory team to get the appropriate diagnosis for free and to start your treatment journey as it should with the most important specialized doctors to reach the results you are looking for.

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