January 29, 2023 obesity surgery in Turkey

Have you ever heard about gastric banding? In fact, it is one of the many procedures that are being followed at the present time in order to reduce weight, control the large body size, and get rid of fat, and this is especially important for those who suffer from a large weight.

Blue Medical has prepared this article for you, in which many important aspects about the gastric banding process will be highlighted.. we wish you a useful reading.


What is meant by gastric banding?

It is an innovative and modern operation that is done through the endoscope, through which the upper stomach is packed, and thus the meals that the person eats will become limited and few, and he may feel unwilling to eat, and gradually with the passage of time he will find himself achieving a significant loss in weight.

It is particularly suitable for those looking for ways to reduce weight without having to undergo surgery. What we must point out in this regard is that the process is completely safe and suitable for all cases, and over the past years it has achieved satisfactory results for many people around the world. In addition to all that, the extent of the ring restriction can be controlled. For the stomach, it can be increased or vice versa, and this is decided by the patient’s condition.


Is gastric banding recommended?

Doctors generally recommend this procedure, especially for those who suffer from excessive weight, because excess weight does not only mean an unpleasant appearance or a shameful appearance in front of society. In addition to all of the above, it is a threat to health. Diseases such as diabetes, blockage of blood vessels, chronic heart disease and high blood pressure.

Whoever chooses this operation is generally seeking to gain his health, and whoever is overweight should take a step in this matter. If today he does not suffer from a specific disease, then with the passage of years he will face many diseases, and it may be too late and it is not possible to perform it. as a result of a medical condition.


Will you lose weight by just gastric banding?

Of course not, it takes some time, it is not enough to tie the stomach only, but it is necessary to help and set a healthy daily schedule, such as exercising and some motor activities that help him reduce fat and tighten the skin to prevent sagging, and an appropriate health system must be followed such as drinking juices in large quantities, as well as large quantities drink plenty of water, rely on vegetables and fruits, and avoid eating meat, starches, rice, bread, sweets, fats, and more.

In general, gastric banding will help suppress the desire to eat over time, and the good news for people who do not have the ability to control their great desire to eat is to keep the gastric band always and there is no need to remove it, and thus this leads to maintaining a slim body constantly.


Is gastric banding expensive?

Certainly, this is one of the questions that preoccupies many people who are about to do this, but they have to be reassured because although it is a modern procedure, it is affordable and within reach, especially if you know to choose the right center that offers you high quality, appropriate prices, and the results you are looking for.


How many kilos lose weight after gastric banding?

Among the details that increase the desire of overweight people for this procedure is that after the operation, the patient will lose about 25% of his weight, for example, whoever weighs 100 kilos after the operation will become 75, and this is very ideal, and according to many previous experiences, most of those who underwent this operation were able To maintain an ideal weight for a long and long time.


Are there side complications of gastric banding?

Although it is completely safe, this does not negate the existence of some potential risks, which must be taken into account, such as the state of nausea that may affect the patient after the operation, and it can be controlled by adjusting the size of the ring.


What are the conditions for gastric banding?

There is no doubt that this process is suitable for almost all cases, but there are certain conditions that must be adhered to.

1 – The body mass must be 33 BIM or more than that, and a person with a mass of 30 can undergo it if he suffers from certain diseases such as diabetes, pressure, etc., or if the doctor authorized this procedure.

2- It is not possible to resort to this solution to get rid of obesity except after all solutions have failed, so before the patient decides to take this step, he must have tried sports, walking, reducing and controlling meals, and others.

3- Before the operation, comprehensive examinations required by the specialist doctor must be carried out, which may take quite a bit of time.

4- After the operation, the doctor must be followed up a number of times, as complications may arise.


Advantages of a slim body

A balanced and graceful body has become one of the latest fashions that resounds in the world today, especially among women. All of them are racing to take any action that will lead them to a distinguished and suitable body. This is a cause for pride as well as a healthy one. There are those who choose gastric banding, other gastric sleeves, third liposuction, and fourth stomach balloon.


The importance of gastric banding in Turkey

Turkey is considered one of the first countries whose name shines today in the world of medicine, cosmetology and complex medical procedures, and from here it is today a destination for medical tourism for patients from different countries of the world, where they can obtain high quality and appropriate prices, unlike the case in many European and American countries.


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