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Many women choose a face lift with surgical threads, desiring to have a tightened face that gives them a younger and younger age, not to mention a striking and eye-catching look.

What exactly is meant by this procedure, is it safe and does it provide you with the results you are looking for, and what are the notes taken into account when taking such a step? All of these questions will be answered in the following article.


What is meant by a facelift with surgical threads?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses specially designed threads to lift and reposition the facial skin and underlying tissues. Threads are inserted at strategic points in the face, resulting in an immediate lift. younger.


Advantages of facelift with surgical threads

A thread facelift is a minimally invasive, relatively quick, and cost-effective procedure compared to a traditional facelift. It can produce subtle yet effective results without the need for general anesthesia or an extended recovery period. The procedure involves placing soluble threads under the skin to lift and tighten facial tissue without cutting or removing any skin.

This facelift method can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and jawlines, and fatty deposits. Some of the advantages of using a thread facelift include minimal scarring, quick recovery time, fewer risks than with more invasive surgeries, and often more natural results than those. which appear in traditional facelifts and can last up to two years.


Disadvantages of facelift with surgical threads

One of the main drawbacks is the potential for infection or irritation at the thread insertion site and this can lead to pain, swelling, redness and bruising. In addition, the threads may not last as well as a traditional face-lift and may need to be replaced later and the results achieved with thread-lift operations may not be the same. Dramatic or prolonged, such as those resulting from more invasive procedures.

 In addition, if threads are placed too tightly, they can cause scarring or wrinkling of the skin. Finally, because thread facelifts are a relatively new procedure, there is limited data on long-term results or safety.


Instructions after facelift by threads

After a thread lift, it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions for recovery and aftercare. This includes avoiding strenuous activity for the first few days, keeping the treatment area clean and dry, and taking any antibiotics or pain medications as needed.

 It is also important to keep in mind any changes that may occur in the skin, such as redness, bruising, swelling or infection. If you notice any of these signs, contact your doctor immediately. You should also avoid sun exposure during this time to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation. It is essential to limit activities such as smoking or drinking alcohol that can interfere with the healing process.


Tips before a facelift

– Before undergoing a facelift using surgical threads, it is important to discuss your desired outcome with your doctor. Be sure to provide your doctor with a complete medical history and any allergies you may have.

– Make sure you are aware of all the potential risks associated with the procedure. Ask your doctor any questions you may have about the procedure and what to expect afterward.

– To maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet and exercise prior to the procedure in order to minimize any swelling or bruising that can occur after the treatment is completed.

It is also important to avoid exposure to direct sunlight following the procedure in order to prevent further damage or scarring.

– Make sure to follow all post-surgery instructions given by your doctor to ensure a successful recovery period and positive results from the procedure.


Type of threads used in facelift

The type of sutures used in facelifts depends on the individual patient’s requirements and the technique used. Generally, absorbable synthetic sutures are used, such as PDO (polydioxanone) or PLLA (poly L-lactic acid). These sutures are designed to be absorbed by the body over time, helping to achieve a natural-looking result and non-absorbable sutures can also be used for more complex cases.


Surgical thread facelift cost

The cost of a thread facelift can vary depending on the type of treatment and geographic location. Generally, the cost of a thread facelift ranges from $1,500 to $3,500. The price may also depend on the number of threads used and the complexity of the procedure. It is recommended to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to get an accurate estimate of the cost for your individual needs.


Is face lift with surgical threads suitable for all cases?

No, a thread facelift is not suitable for all cases and it depends on the individual’s age, skin laxity and general skin condition. A qualified plastic surgeon can evaluate a person’s candidacy for this procedure and determine if it would be beneficial in their particular case.


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