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It is the duty of every person to provide his teeth with distinguished care and follow the methods recommended by dentists to keep them white and healthy, away from any problems that may occur that lead to undesirable results. In this article, we will talk about it more extensively.


What is meant by dental floss?

Certainly, the presence of dental cleaning, as brushing is necessary and major, but in a next stage it must rely on threads that help in cleaning plaque and deep accumulations of food residue, and this is especially important for those who suffer from the problem of gaps between the teeth, as they cannot be overcome by brushing alone and its presence continuously for long periods leads to decay Teeth and feeling severe pain sometimes, and here we have gone through another stage that requires immediate medical intervention, and do not forget that neglecting teeth leads to their permanent loss.

On the other hand, it must be noted that using floss regularly helps protect the gums from inflammation and some other diseases.


Types of dental floss

Did you know that there are many types of dental floss that can be used?

The circular floss that is used in the case of large spaces between the teeth.

Tape floss is thin and is used for close-fitting teeth.

The huge thread that interacts with saliva, increases in size, and works to reach narrow areas that cannot be reached without methods.

The super floss that is used for cleaning fixed dentures and can easily penetrate the teeth and reach places that cannot be reached.


Information about dental flossing

There are several points that you should keep in mind before using dental floss.

According to the recommendations of specialists, floss should be used at least once a day.

You should swish water in your mouth several times before and after flossing.

These threads are very personal items that cannot be exchanged with people.

When using floss, be careful and do not put too much pressure on the gums, because this leads to inflammation.


Is dental floss better than brushing?

Do you think that using dental floss is the best, or is the brush option more appropriate? In fact, the brush cannot be replaced by anything, as it is the most ideal and appropriate type. If you want to follow safety, you must rely on both, as this gives you a more radiant and bright smile.


The consequences of neglecting the teeth and not taking care of them

Neglecting the teeth can have severe consequences as poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth loss. It is important to take care of one’s teeth to prevent these problems from occurring and this can be done by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting the dentist regularly. To carry out the necessary examinations and cleanings, this will ensure good care of one’s teeth and oral health for years to come.


How to use dental floss?

 To use dental floss correctly, move it gently up and down on both sides of the tooth, repeat with each tooth, and make sure to use a clean section of floss for each new set of teeth. Don’t forget that using it regularly helps keep your teeth and gums healthy.


Does dental floss remove cavities?

Regular use of floss contributes to the removal of plaque and others, and thus this matter prevents the occurrence of caries in the long run, meaning that the teeth will be maintained in good health for the longest possible period and time without being affected by anything.


Does dental floss cause differences between them?

Some believe that the frequent use of dental floss in the long term makes there are gaps between the teeth, and this is an inappropriate appearance on the aesthetic level, but this is not accurate and the health benefits of the matter are much more than the potential negatives.


Does dental floss help get rid of bad breath?

Certainly, with the removal of bacteria, cavities, plaque, and food residue, the bad breath will go away, and this is one of the reasons that encourage you to keep using it.


What is the best toothpaste in the world?

Sensodyne toothpaste is the best ever with its effective anti-bacterial formula and gives the teeth bright whiteness, and it is always recommended by dentists.


Instructions for maintaining healthy teeth

Use a fluoride mouthwash once daily to help reduce plaque buildup and gingivitis.

 Eat a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and nuts.

Avoid sugary snacks and drinks that can lead to tooth decay and other dental problems.

Visit your dentist twice a year for check-ups and cleanings to help catch any problems early and keep your teeth in good condition.


Dental treatment in Turkey

The cost of treatment is much lower than in many other countries, making it an attractive option for those seeking quality care at an affordable price. Moreover, the Turkish healthcare system is well-established and offers access to some of the best dentists and specialists in the world. Moreover, Turkey is known for its excellent standards of hygiene and sterility, so patients can rest assured that they will receive first-class care. Finally, the Turkish government has implemented several initiatives to encourage medical tourists to seek treatment within their borders, making it a safe and convenient option for those seeking dental care outside.

Blue Medical Center and all those in charge of it are fully prepared in order to provide all the necessary services, advice, and consultations for our patients, and finally we follow up with them until they have fully recovered to ensure that there are no complications.


With Blue Medical clinic in Turkey:

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