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Many people suffer from the problem of bleeding gums at first glance. You may think that the matter is normal and not a cause for concern, but in fact, medical intervention must be sought immediately, especially if it continues for a long time. The matter is not serious in the literal sense of danger, but the matter must not be underestimated.

What are the causes that lead to bleeding and how to get rid of the matter, this is what you will know in the article.


Learn about the causes of bleeding gums

In fact, what leads to a state of bleeding in the gums is not one or two reasons, but an integrated group of reasons, which must be taken care of in order to avoid the matter or know the reason at least.

1- Brushing your teeth the wrong way

You may think that it is enough to brush your teeth once a day in order to keep them healthy, but this is not true, as it should be done twice a day at least, and you must rely on dental floss, as it can reach areas that the brush does not reach.

In this context, it should be noted that the brush must be gentle and soft, as force does not give a result, on the contrary, it can help in bleeding gums and may lead to not good results, so you should always listen to dentists and their advice.


2- Eating unhealthy foods

There are many foods that lead to problems in the gums and teeth, for example, sugars. Despite their unmatched taste, they are very effective as they help collect germs and bacteria, which leads to tooth decay, which in turn leads to inflammation and bleeding in the gums.

Also, eating harsh foods will put pressure on the gums, which will lead to bleeding and erosion. Therefore, you must pay close attention to this issue, and you must include calcium and a variety of vitamins in your diet that help maintain its strength.


3- Smoking

Large groups of people embrace smoking a lot, and this is one of the main causes that lead to severe bleeding in the gums sometimes, because smoking leads to a weakening of the immune system, and continuing with it makes it difficult for the gums to heal on their own, and even with receiving medications and treatment, it will be somewhat difficult.


4 – A state of stress and exhaustion

One of the reasons why there is bleeding in the gums is life in an atmosphere of constant exhaustion and uninterrupted tension, as this would affect the blood vessels and then cause them to become inflamed, and thus your body will be a valuable catch for infection.


5- Take blood thinners

Many people need medications that dilute the blood so that the individual does not suffer from heart or stroke strokes, and whoever takes them must be careful when having to extract a tooth, treat it, or perform a transplant, and in this case, you must inform the specialist doctor so that he gives you appropriate advice so as not to be exposed any danger or problem.

What you do not know is that many medications work to create dry mouth and a decrease in saliva secretion, and thus the gums will swell over time, and this may lead to inflammation and then severe bleeding.


6- Pregnancy

Most pregnant women suffer from a problem of bleeding in the gums, where they swell and become red and then loosen. This problem will appear especially when brushing the teeth, so the brush must be chosen soft, and this happens during pregnancy, as the body will not be affected by the hormonal changes that occur.


7- Cancer

Some types of cancer lead to bleeding gums, such as leukemia, and this makes immediate medical intervention very necessary without delay.


8- Scurvy

This disease means a strong loss of vitamin C in the body, and it is considered a serious disease, as it leads to the loss of teeth from their place.


Tips for treating bleeding gums

Here is a set of tips and notes that you should take into consideration in order to remedy the situation of bleeding gums, which are as follows.

You should get rid of your old brush immediately and replace it with a softer one.

The floss must be used in a correct way that does not harm the gums.

A coarse brush may cause great damage.

Salt water should be used for rinsing the mouth, but this is not suitable for those who suffer from high blood pressure, and you should consult a specialist in this matter.

When bleeding occurs, you should put ice water compresses, as it reduces swelling, and it should be placed for several minutes, but it should not exceed ten.

What you don’t know is that green tea has many benefits for the gums because it contains antioxidants and can be drunk 3 times a day and can be used as a mouthwash, with excellent results.

Get increased doses of vitamin C because it strengthens the immune system and fights infections.

Get doses of vitamin K, which works to stop bleeding in the gums, and it works on blood clotting, and this is found in eggs, avocados, spinach, and beef liver.

Clove oil can also be used, as it contains anti-inflammatory substances, and it is very popular in dental clinics, where the site of inflammation is wiped and left for at least 10 minutes.

Aloe vera gel, which has many benefits, can be used because it contains anti-inflammatory substances and thus helps reduce swelling.


When bleeding gums should visit the doctor immediately?

You can slow down a bit, if it does not stop on its own, and if the traditional methods and home measures do not work, then you must visit the specialist doctor to take the appropriate measures to stop it and examine the patient well to determine the main cause that led to the bleeding.

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