Did you know that beard transplantation for men is one of the very common ideas among them, especially those who suffer from voids in it or if it does not grow in an integrated manner, and it is sought to perform it in order to obtain a distinctive youthful look that attracts attention, as it is one of the secrets of men .. What are the methods that are done Follow it and its advantages, this is what we will learn about in this article.


Is beard transplantation for men a good idea?

Certainly, as well, it has a significant influence on its appearance and attractiveness, and according to the statistics that have been conducted, the rate of increase in the demand for performing it has reached a rate of more than 110% compared to previous years, and this, if indicative, indicates a rise in excellence in that operation and in the hospitals that perform it and the doctors that are now on high range of expertise and excellence.

In this context, you must know that beard transplantation is the most ideal solution compared to other treatments such as drugs that stimulate hair growth or the like.


How is beard transplantation done?

Hair follicles are taken from the back of the head, strong, durable, and suitable follicles are selected, and the required number is pulled to fill all the spaces or places that need to be covered with hair. DHI technology is often used, and the results begin to appear after a few months, not exceeding three, with the passage of time, you will notice the density of the beard even more your arrival to the attractive look you are looking for.


Steps to grow beard hair for men

First, the shape of the beard that you prefer is drawn on your face, and then you will go through the next stages.

The doctor counts the number of grafts required.

The appropriate follicle type through which distinctive results can be reached is determined.

Extracting follicles from the donor area.

Planting the bulbs in the desired places as agreed upon.


How long does the beard transplant process take?

In fact, this matter differs from one person to another according to the area that needs transplantation, but in general it ranges from three hours to six hours at the latest, and it needs all this time because each hair is transplanted separately, and depending on all that precision during the process, results can be guaranteed that you will receive.


Is beard transplant suitable for all cases?

Although beard transplantation is an important and safe step in order to obtain a complete look, unfortunately it is not suitable for all cases, as some of them may fall out, including the following.

1- In the event that the patient suffers from a hormonal imbalance, such as that which results from a disorder in the thyroid gland or in other glands, then the implant will not be suitable because it is threatened to fall out after a period due to a discrepancy in the male and female hormones.

2 – If a person wants to grow a beard and is committed to this, he must first treat the problem of hormones. When this is done, the beard can grow on its own without the need for cultivation.

3 – There may be diseases that affect the lack of growth of the beard or its loss, such as anemia (anemia), heavy smoking, or weak capillaries.

4 – You may wonder, what about dangerous cases such as burns or accidents that led to the inability to grow hair, so does transplantation work with it? Certainly, it is the only solution that must be taken immediately and without waiting.


Warnings before the beard transplant

There is a list of caveats that you should keep in mind before the operation because it contributes to its success and the results that you will get.

1 – You must talk to the supervising doctor and tell him the extent of the density that you want to obtain in order to accurately determine the grafts that he will withdraw from the donor area, and he must be asked about everything that is bothering you.

2 – You must know the precautions that must be adhered to, such as stopping smoking and some materials that must be adhered to before the procedure for a certain period.

3 – After the first consultation session, the doctor will ask for a number of analyzes that must be performed, as there may be some obstacle that prevents them from being performed.


Important information about beard hair transplant

The good news is that the patient can resume his normal life immediately after the operation, only recuperating for a few days and avoiding hard efforts.

Any pain that occurs after the operation can be easily controlled with painkillers.

If any trace of swelling appears, you should not worry about it, for a short period and it will go away.

The patient should stop smoking for a long time after the surgery.


Beard transplant costs for men in Turkey

The cost differs from one person to another according to the case, the number of grafts he wants to transplant, the place you choose to go to, the extent of the center’s development, and the importance of the doctor who will perform the procedure, but in general it can be said that the total cost ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.


How do you find a suitable doctor for a beard transplant?

You should ask the patients who have dealt with him previously and see the results he achieved during his years of experience and practice of his work throughout the previous years.

Do not choose cheap prices and clinics that offer exaggerated discounts and discounts, as this may cost you exponentially if something unforgivable happens.

Always look for a doctor with unlimited fame and skills, as well as a center that has been able to outperform its competitors.


Beard transplantation in Turkey

Beard transplantation is becoming increasingly popular among men who want to improve their appearance and their overall levels of confidence. There are many experienced and qualified surgeons who provide this service in the country, making it easier for patients to find a doctor they can trust. Turkey has also become a world leader in plastic surgery, so patients can be confident that they will receive the highest standards of care available.


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Finally, let us tell you that there are many famous actors in the world who have undergone a beard transplant, most notably Brad Pitt, the famous Hollywood star George Clooney, the distinguished soccer player Wayne Rooney, the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the well-known singer Gary Barlow, the world actor Johnny Depp and many others. If it indicates, it indicates the importance of this process and its effectiveness in showing the desired results.

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