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Have you heard about the animated Hollywood smile? It is one of the famous procedures that lead you to gain a bright white smile, but is it safe? What are its advantages? Does it have many negative aspects as it is said? Between its pros and cons, you will be confused whether to take that step or not?

If this topic interests you, follow this article with us until the end.


Advantages of a moving Hollywood smile

There are many positive aspects that you will get when you choose to apply the moving Hollywood smile, including.

It is one of the modern and modern cosmetic methods that gives its owner an eye-catching look, which is always white and bright and does not change.

-Is it safe? Of course, otherwise it would not have been recommended by many dental professionals.

What does it mean to be animated? They are veneers that are easily removed and repositioned, as is the case with traditional dentures.

– It is placed on the upper and lower front teeth, and in some cases it is placed on the entire teeth, and this depends on the case itself.


When do we need a Hollywood smile?

There are certain cases that necessitate seeking to obtain a Hollywood smile, which are:

– When severe yellowing occurs on the teeth and their color changes in an unpleasant way.

– When there is a widening between the teeth and gaps that may be harmful.

– Sometimes it is relied upon to replace a missing tooth or a broken tooth.

– In the event that there are small and large teeth, that is, there is a state of imbalance and harmony.


How much does a movable Hollywood smile cost?

One of the first questions that you will think about when you are close to getting that smile is the cost that you will be about to pay. It is only expensive and does not fit into your financial budget..but in fact, with the high demand for it and its widespread spread among those interested in beauty and obtaining a charming look, it is moderate and ranges according to the number of The teeth that you need to put the veneers on, but on average, we can say that it ranges between 150 and 300 US dollars.


Instructions after installing Smile Hollywood

As for now, here are many tips that you should take into consideration after installing that smile.

-If you have a habit of biting your nails, you should give it up because it is harmful and may lead to the breakage of one of the dental structures.

– You must completely stay away from eating harsh foods that may cause damage to the formulas, such as breaking the hard shells of nuts with them, or opening cans, and others.

Even if things are fine, a doctor should be visited every 6 months once to make sure that they are not damaged.


Are Hollywood smile results guaranteed?

No, the results of a Hollywood smile are not guaranteed, as the result of any cosmetic dental procedure is subject to a variety of factors, including the health and condition of the patient’s teeth, the patient’s lifestyle habits, and the skill of the dentist who performs the procedure, but according to many cases that were performed, the results were satisfactory by a percentage High, exceeding 90%, but despite that, there are cases that the owners may not be satisfied with.


Food can be eaten during the placement of the removable veneers

Eating while undergoing dental veneers can be difficult and even dangerous, as dental veneers are made of a hard material that is not designed to be eaten and this may cause damage to the veneers or the teeth underneath. In addition, some foods such as hard candy or adhesives can get stuck between Veneers and teeth, which may lead to further complications and for these reasons, it is best to avoid eating while it is in place.


Can a Hollywood smile be broken?

 It is important to take care of your teeth and gums in order to maintain the appearance and function of your smile. Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene can help prevent damage to your smile. In some cases, if a Hollywood smile is damaged, it may be possible to repair or restore it with certain treatments under the supervision of a physician.


Disadvantages of an animated Hollywood smile

Have you seen all the features and details that we have discussed about that smile..Now it is time to highlight some of the negatives or defects that you will find, which are as follows.

– There is no doubt that it is a safe and perfect cosmetic solution, but in the end it is temporary and will not be a substitute for any of your missing or distorted teeth.

– You cannot eat food while it is in your mouth for fear of being harmed, and therefore this constitutes a real obstacle.

– For some people, it may cause swelling or inflammation of the gums or sensitivity.

– It increases the chances of bacteria in the mouth, which leads to tooth decay.

– A Hollywood smile can be an expensive cosmetic procedure that may not be covered by insurance and requires multiple visits to the dentist, which can be inconvenient and expensive.

– Some of the materials used in a Hollywood smile are artificial and may not provide the same natural appearance as real teeth.

– In some cases, the results of a Hollywood smile may not last long and may need to be reconstructed periodically.


Advantages of Hollywood smile procedure in Turkey

Turkey has become a world-famous destination for dental procedures, thanks to its affordable prices, excellent quality of care and team of experienced professionals and the Hollywood smile procedure is no exception, offering patients in Turkey the chance to get an amazing array of benefits at an affordable cost.

In addition, the high standards of care and attention to detail provided by Turkish dentists ensure that each patient receives excellent results from the procedure.


Your confident smile with Blue Medical

At Blue Medical, we make sure that your smile is perfect as our team of experienced professionals can help you achieve a Hollywood-style smile. We use advanced technology to whiten and brighten teeth, leaving them looking naturally white and glowing. Our experts also use safe and effective techniques to correct any unevenness in the shape of your teeth , giving you the perfect and confident Hollywood smile.


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