Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

February 17, 2023

Many people resort to rhinoplasty in Istanbul, which is a process whose aim is to change the course, size, shape, and sometimes the function of the nose. Istanbul doctors have excelled in it, and hospitals are equipped on the highest scale in order to achieve distinctive and satisfactory results.


Stages of nose surgery

The patient will go through a number of steps and stages, which are as follows.

1- anesthesia

In the beginning, he must be completely anesthetized, and either intravenous anesthesia or general anesthesia will be used, and this is what the doctor will decide according to your current condition.

2 – the incision

As for there, the patient will face two possibilities, either the doctor makes surgical incisions inside the nose and it is called a closed operation, or the open operation is followed by a complete nasal incision, where the skin that covers the nasal bone is lifted, which makes the doctor face the task of reshaping it as it should or according to what he needs.

3 – Formation

In the third stage of the operation, the nose will be shaped as the patient desires. In the event that there was an accident of deformity, fracture, or the like, the matter will be rectified.

4 – correction

If the nasal septum is not straight, the patient may need to be corrected, so it is straightened because this impedes proper breathing.

5 – Closing

After all the previous stages, it is time to close the surgical incision, restore the skin and tissues, and change the shape of the nostrils through other incisions that are made.

* Later, you will be able to get the results you wish for. The results may not be visible immediately, but with a little patience, wound care, and pain tolerance, you will find that you have a completely perfect nose that is consistent with your face page.


How long does rhinoplasty take?

It is not possible to be certain of a specific time because the matter differs from one person to another depending on the situation that requires the operation, but in general, simple operations may take an hour, an hour and a half at the latest, but if the operation is large, it will take three hours, and sometimes 4 hours.


The importance of doing rhinoplasty

When you take such a step, you will not only have a straight and beautiful nose, but you will also gain high confidence in yourself. Many people suffer from a large nose that takes up a large part of their face, which causes them psychological problems. Far from the cosmetic goal, there are those who choose it as a result of medical damage, where they suffer breathing or otherwise.


Advantages of Istanbul in rhinoplasty

The city of Istanbul is characterized by the fact that it has many hospitals equipped on a large scale for various cosmetic operations, especially the nose operation, and it also has a group of skilled doctors who have made it a destination for medical tourism, and do not forget that when choosing it, you choose high quality, competitive prices and confidence, as there is no doubt that you will get satisfactory results.


Disadvantages of rhinoplasty

Although this process carries many positive aspects, it is necessary to ask about the negatives and risks, if any, and this is possible for many cases, and the most important of them.

Many complications may result from anesthesia.

In some cases, severe bleeding may occur, which leads to undesirable results.

Infections will occur after the operation due to the wound.

Significant swelling will occur in the wound area.

You may not be satisfied with the results.

Scars or the like may appear.

Sometimes the pain can be unbearable.

The color of the skin will change.

In many cases, you may need to do the operation again.


Also need to recover from rhinoplasty?

One of the common questions that patients ask before rhinoplasty is how long do I need to comply with a full recovery? In fact, it takes a lot of time, as in the first week a splint will be applied, and there will be a lot of swelling and a blue starch, which may cause terror to the patient, but he should not worry about this, as the bruises will begin to recede with the third day, but they will not completely go away before two weeks have passed.

Later, there will be swelling in the nose, and this will not go away easily. In many cases, it will not disappear completely before 6 months of the operation. After the operation, doctors recommend not doing any harsh efforts or activities until after three to six weeks at the latest.


Will the procedure be discovered?

In the event that the specialist doctor is distinguished for his work, none of the people around you will feel that you have changed something because he generally works to improve it and give it a more distinguished and elegant body, which adds to your face a lot of beauty.


Do the results of rhinoplasty appear immediately?

As we mentioned, after 6 months or a little more, the swelling of the nose will go away and it will return to its normal size, and in some cases it may take 12 months, but later you will get the results you have always dreamed of.


Rhinoplasty costs in Istanbul

You are definitely interested in knowing the cost that you have to offer in exchange for a straight and beautiful nose. At first glance, you will think that it is very expensive in Istanbul after the medical development that it witnessed over the previous years, but in reality it is less than it is in many countries in Europe or America, which is accompanied by With quality, results, extreme care, and exaggerated attention, but accurately, it is not possible to determine the matter, as it depends primarily on the patient’s condition, the clinic that he chose, and the doctor who will perform it.


Blue Medical Clinic in Turkey offers you:

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This was a detailed report about rhinoplasty in Istanbul. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate before contacting our medical consultant who will provide you with a guide and answers about everything that matters to you .. with us, you can get the care you deserve, the diagnosis is free and our doctors are highly qualified.

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