Hollywood Smile

Many people have the dream of getting a Hollywood smile with pure white teeth free of defects. So, in pursuit of this goal dentists created a Hollywood smile or a celebrity smile, a very thin soft crust made of ceramics or photo fillings placed on the tooth to modify its shape and give it bright whiteness in a short period of time, and this cortex is characterized by its resistance to decay and does not change colors if the instructions of the doctor are followed.

Hollywood Smile



Hollywood Smile

About Hollywood Smile Procedure

Hollywood smile

The dentist examines the condition and conducts a comprehensive assessment of the teeth and then develops an action plan that includes a timetable of what to do and then treats any problems related to the condition of the teeth, for example: caries, tooth root injuries, dental erosion, deviations of dental growth (orthodontics), dental abscesses, lost teeth, gum infections.  Then he cleans the teeth and removes the accumulated lime and then begins the process of installing tooth lenses, known as veneer, to get the desired appearance of the teeth.

Who are the candidates for the Hollywood Smile?

 A Hollywood smile is a magic solution for almost anyone who wants to have flawless white teeth with no pigmentation that limit their beauty.

Hollywood smile

The benefits of a Hollywood smile

When you perform the procedure, you get a lot of benefits that are not available in any other dental treatment, such as:

The Hollywood Smile Process is an instant results process, as you get the perfect white teeth as soon as the lenses are installed.

You don’t need to wait like in the case of all other teeth whitening treatments, which may need several sessions to start showing up.

The result of a Hollywood smile lasts for a few years.

You may have perfect white teeth up to 8 or 10 years before you need to replace lenses.

Tooth lenses help add a protection layer -even though it is limited- because they create a barrier between tooth enamel and beverages, foods and saliva.

Harmonious white teeth give a wonderful feeling and unparalleled self-confidence, as getting a beautiful Hollywood smile is the key to the beauty of the mouth and the whole face.

Hollywood Smile Techniques


.It is the most commonly used, and it contains a wide range of lens brands.


It is one of the best, least thick and most rigid lenses and also it doesn’t need too much filing to the tooth before the installation of lenses, they are made of ceramic or photo fillings.

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