Face Lift

When collagen decreases in the skin, this leads to the appearance of thin and deep wrinkles in the face and around the eyes. That’s why facelift came as the perfect solution to get rid of these wrinkles. it is a process in which the excess skin in the face is eliminated, as well as tightening the skin sagging and wrinkles especially the area under the eyelids and around the eyes and the middle of the face that causes the skin to appear older

Face Lift



Face Lift

Before the operation

The patient undergoes some medical tests to determine his/her health and the doctor gives him/her some instructions to be followed up in the run-up to the surgery to ensure its success.

  • Stop taking any products containing cortisone or aspirin one week before surgery because These drugs increase blood flow and may cause increased bruising and swelling, and some increase the patient’s chances of infection.
  • You should stop taking some anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers as they can cause bleeding during surgery
  • If the patient will undergo general anesthesia, he or she must fast the day before the surgery for at least eight hours.

Steps of facelifts



 Anesthesia is the first step in any surgery, and anesthesia is local only in the case of laser or surgical sutures, but if performed surgically, the choice is a general anesthesia to tighten the muscles as well as tightening layers under the skin.


Treatment of sagging skin

The second step in laser facelift is to treat sagging skin with a laser device. In the case of surgical sutures, the surgeon begins to tighten layers under the skin using the type of threads suitable for the patient’s condition with simple stitches on both sides of the face behind the hairline, in both cases no surgical incision is required. If surgically performed, the surgeon performs a surgical incision on both sides of the face behind the hairline so that it does not leave visible scars.

If the condition is not severe, a facelift is performed in a mini-procedure and the incision can be only on both sides of the ear and if the neck is tightened, the incision is at the earlobe.


Skin Tightening

Excess skin and muscles are tightened and stitched and facial sagging is tightened. The process may include implanting some stents or injecting some fat into the face to help restore skin freshness and youth. The incision is closed, bandages are placed on the face and the patient goes out to recovery to start waiting for the results.

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