Brazilian Butt Enlargement

Butt augmentation has recently spread, and its aim is to improve the external appearance to restore the aesthetics of the body and restore the size of the buttocks after sudden weight loss, and it is performed without going through surgery. With fat injections in the hips, which is performed using the person's own body fat, the buttocks appear more prominent and beautiful.

Brazilian Butt Enlargement



Brazilian Butt Enlargement

Butt augmentation surgery

 There are two surgical methods for enlarging the buttocks beautifying them:

 With silicone implants (prosthetics)

Tensile applications and liposuction methods. (Stuffing buttocks or BBL)


Brazilian butt lift

first Excess fat is taken through liposuction from one part of your body, especially the waist, lower waist and thighs and is Injected into the butt area. In this process fat is transferred from other areas of the body to the butt. The flat, wide buttocks lead to a lack of self-confidence in women. The Brazilian butt lift is described as one of the ways to shape the buttocks.

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