Body Sculpting

The process of sculpting the body came to fulfill the dreams of many in getting rid of excess weight or getting rid of the problems of sagging that require sculpting the body in order to get a perfect body free of defects and enjoy the appearance of youth for a long time.

Body Sculpting



Body Sculpting

About body sculpting

body contouring

The first step in this process is to assess the patient’s health, physical condition and choose the appropriate technique for him according to where he needs to sculpt the body. and then the surgeon makes an incision approximately 1/2 cm long in some places where the operation is performed yet does not leave any scars. The process may take between two and six hours and the patient can return home on the same day of the operation. The recovery period ranges from three to fourteen days.

Candidates for body sculpting

 Potential candidates for body sculpting should have a fairly consistent figure, and this process can only be used to treat topical obesity.

body contouring

Body sculpting techniques

Infrared body sculpting

This technique works in two ways, the first similar to the way lasers and sound waves work which is fat fragmentation, and the second method activates blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to allow fat removal from the body, as well as detoxification with it, to reduce “cellulite” under the skin. Just like other processes its results begin to appear gradually after the session.

Body sculpting with low-level laser

This technique is also known as cold lasers and its famous brand name is Zirona, a totally non-surgical process in which low-energy lasers are used to break up body fat, and fat begins to exit the body over the weeks following the session.

body sculpting with VASER

It is also a non-surgical technique, using high frequency sound waves to break up fat cells during local sessions. In these sessions, the device is placed on areas to be treated so that the waves reach deep fat and break up to get out of the body in the period after the session is completed.

after body sculpting

The patient can return to normal life as soon as leaving the session.

Some types of these sessions require the use of anti-inflammatory creams once a day between sessions and after the last session for up to two weeks.

Cold compresses may be required in the case of some types of mesotherapy treatment.

A 3D or 4D laser body carving process requires a short recovery period of 14 days after the operation.

The body begins to settle after recovery from a 4D body carving and reaches its final state within three to six months after the operation.

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