Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant

The beard and mustache add an aesthetic element to the man, but some men suffer from problems such as the presence of spaces between hair, so the process of growing a beard and mustache came as an ideal solution to this condition.

Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant



Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant

About the operation.


The doctor will first examine the patient and find out the density of the donor area of the hair and the number of follicles required Then the blood tests are performed to know if the patient is ready for the operation, then the donor area is shaved so the follicles can be picked up easily. The patient is sedated locally and the follicles are picked up and placed in saline solution to maintain them and then the transplantation is done and the follicles are placed through the technique of choi pens.

Candidates for beard and mustache

The person should be healthy.

Suffers from Incomplete beard or many spaces in it

There is enough hair in the donor area from which the follicles will be harvested

To be over 25 years of age.

anyone free of any skin diseases that may hinder the transplant process.


Before the mustache and beard transplant

You should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for at least two weeks before the operation

Stay away from blood thinner medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen

Adherence to a healthy and balanced diet before the operation

After the operation.

Keep your head high and avoid water reaching to areas that were transplanted completely for 72 hours after the operation.

Avoid going out in the sun and avoid swimming for at least 3 months

adhere to the treatments prescribed by the doctor that help speed the healing of wounds

Plasma needles are recommended to be used to strengthen implanted follicles

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