Hollywood smile cost in Turkey

Hollywood smile cost in Turkey

December 28, 2022

Do you think the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey is too expensive? Or is it appropriate and suitable for everyone who wants to have a bright white smile? What are the reasons that drive many people, especially stars and VIPs, to search for them? Many questions about it that you can learn about in this article, an enjoyable read.


How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Turkey?

In general, we can say that it ranges between $2,000 and $4,000,000 for a smile.

The price may also depend on the dentist, his experience, and the materials used in the procedure. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for patients to require multiple visits to complete the treatment, which adds to the overall cost. However, despite being more expensive than other countries, still many People choose Hollywood smiles in Turkey because of the high quality results that can be achieved.


Hollywood smile features

A Hollywood smile is a type of cosmetic dentistry designed to give a person a dazzling smile. Key features of a Hollywood smile include teeth whitening, tooth reshaping and alignment, or bonding to create the perfect look.

This includes lightening the natural color of the teeth using specialized whitening products. The whitening process can be done in one session, or it can be spread over several appointments.

 In addition to whitening, tooth reshaping and tooth alignment are often necessary to create the desired look. This may involve removing or reshaping the enamel, veneers, or other bonding techniques to create an even, symmetrical set of teeth. Finally, veneers are often used to add an extra layer of protection and shine to the smile.


Is the Hollywood smile procedure safe?

The procedure uses specialized whitening agents applied directly to the teeth, which helps remove stains and discoloration of the enamel. In addition, the procedure involves the use of special rays and lasers to activate the whitening agents, which helps to increase the whiteness of the teeth.

 Research has shown that the Hollywood smile procedure is safe and can often produce results in just one session. Furthermore, research has shown that it can help reduce tooth and gum sensitivity, as well as improve overall oral health.


Candidates for Hollywood smile procedure

Candidates for a Hollywood smile procedure are usually individuals who have experienced natural discoloration of their teeth, or those who wish to improve their overall appearance and boost their confidence.

The results can be dramatic, with many patients achieving a brighter, whiter smile in just a few visits. It is important to note that not everyone is an ideal candidate for this type of procedure; It is best to consult a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry to determine if this is right for you.


Important instructions after the Hollywood smile procedure

After undergoing the Hollywood smile procedure, it is important to adhere to the following instructions.

First, patients should avoid any activities that involve pressure on their teeth, such as biting food hard (nipping and pulling) or chewing hard food.

Secondly, any type of mouthwash or toothpaste that contains alcohol must be avoided

Thirdly, patients should rinse their mouths with lukewarm water after each meal as this helps to get rid of any leftover food and also keeps the teeth clean.

Fourth, patients should brush their teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush and use a fluoride toothpaste as this will help keep the teeth strong and healthy.

Finally, patients should visit their dentist for regular check-ups to ensure that their Hollywood smile procedure is going smoothly.

Laser teeth whitening in Istanbul

Is Hollywood smile permanent?

 These treatments can last for several years depending on the patient’s oral hygiene habits and lifestyle. However, without proper care, these treatments may need to be reintroduced or replaced to maintain the desired effect.


The development of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular in Turkey over the past few decades and the sector has been fueled by advances in technology, greater awareness among the public, and a larger number of qualified practitioners.

The Turkish government has also played a role in its development by providing financial support for research and development. This has resulted in improved facilities, better quality materials, and more advanced technologies.

In addition, Turkish dental schools have integrated cosmetic dentistry into their curricula, allowing more people to qualify professionally in this field. Moreover, private clinics and hospitals have increased the availability of cosmetic procedures for patients interested in improving their smiles.

The growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is reflected in the fact that it has now become one of the most popular areas in medical tourism and many people from other countries travel to Turkey for treatments such as teeth whitening, dental implants, and more.

Overall, it has been a rapid and far-reaching development that has improved access to high-quality treatments and made it easier than ever before for people to achieve the perfect smile they desire.


Who is most likely to get a Hollywood smile?

Research has found that both men and women are interested in having a Hollywood smile. In a survey of 1,000 people, 56% of women and 48% of men said they were willing to achieve the perfect smile. Both genders place a high value on their appearance. Having a straight white set of teeth is an important part of Attractive appearance.

However, women tend to be more concerned with the appearance of their teeth than men and in the same survey, 80% of women said they were more likely to visit a dentist for cosmetic reasons than men (62%). Furthermore, women were more likely to consider whitening and orthodontic treatments to improve the appearance of their teeth.

In general, it is clear that both men and women are interested in a Hollywood smile. However, research indicates that women are more likely than men to take steps to achieve it.

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