Health care systems in Turkey and their advantages

Health care systems in Turkey and their advantages

February 24, 2023

Recently, the star of the Turkish state has emerged as one of the most important countries in the world in terms of development in the health sector, as the number of government and private hospitals has increased, and we have hundreds of specialized doctors with exceptional experience. Together, there has been a revolution in the medical field.

Some information about healthcare systems in Turkey can be found in this article prepared by the editorial team at Blue Medical Center.


Information about the healthcare system in Turkey

An important detail in this regard is that Turkey annually receives more than 150,000 people who come from everywhere to receive high-quality treatment and a desire to benefit from all the other privileges that come with such a step. And health in this country is a clear indication of the prestigious position that it was able to occupy.


Advantages of treatment in Turkey

When referring to the advantages of treatment in this place, you should know that it is a complete group that competes with the most important European, American and Arab countries. Even first, the prices or costs of treatment will be low and appropriate compared to other countries, but this information may require a short pause. Does it mean that the quality is low? Certainly not, the low costs are accompanied by the high quality, as Turkey follows the most important health systems in the world and the distinctive technologies that help patients to reach satisfactory results.

What can be said in this regard is that those coming to Turkey for treatment will not receive superior medical care, but rather wonderful tourist tours between the historical corridors of that country and entertainment tours, thus hitting more than one goal together at the same time.


The development of health systems in Turkey

Turkey did not hesitate to follow the most important medical systems and superior care to take care of its patients, and it proved this on the ground by constructing more important medical cities, the latest of which was the Basaksehir Medical City, which is located in the Basaksehir region, and now deals with serious surgeries and most types of malignant tumors. by humanoid robot.

One of the great advantages of medical development is that there are services available in the hands of citizens 24 hours a day without interruption, and what reassures the patient more is that there is medical insurance, so in the event of any problem or medical error, all costs and damages are covered.

Also, the Turkish government is constantly working to advance progress in the health field without any delay, and according to the official authorities, the number of tourists coming to Turkey for medical tourism has increased since 2008 AD to a very noticeable degree, and this supports the country’s position among its competitors and an important new matter for the economy.


Details about the health system in Turkey

The health sector in Turkey was not so distinguished and developed in the past distant years, and it began in earnest in the past decade, as the government provided a budget for the development of this sector that exceeded 120 billion US dollars, and it was a real and distinguished breakthrough that competed with the most important countries.

What you do not know is that taxes cover about 41% of the medical costs imposed on the Turkish people, and insurance companies bear 31% of the costs, and 28% of them remain imposed on patients.


Hospitals in Turkey and numbers around

Did you know that Turkey contains more than 1,200 hospitals, about 400 of which belong to the private sector, and the rest belong to the Turkish government sector. especially.


Medical specialties in Turkey

The medical education system has developed significantly in Turkey, and there are many universities that offer a distinctive and comprehensive educational system that contains all the basics that students need to prepare them to be successful and distinguished doctors in their work who are able to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of medicine and related technologies, and it has been proven that one of the most important Universities are (private Medipol in Istanbul).


The future of medical tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism, offering a wide range of high-quality medical services to international patients. The country is famous for its modern healthcare infrastructure and experienced medical professionals, who provide comprehensive care to patients from all over the world. In recent years, the country has witnessed growth. This type of tourism is huge, due to the country’s commitment to providing safe and affordable health services. The Turkish government has implemented many initiatives that have helped attract more international patients to the country. Moreover, many hospitals and clinics have invested in advanced medical technologies, which has led to improved Quality of care provided.


Natural healing in Turkey

Turkey is famous for its many natural therapeutic hot springs, and these hot springs offer a wide range of health benefits to visitors, from relaxation and stress relief to improving skin conditions and relieving joint pain. The water temperature in these hot springs ranges from 40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius and contains a range of Variety of minerals beneficial to your health In addition, the naturally occurring warmth encourages perspiration and helps flush out toxins that may have built up in your body. Visitors can also enjoy the warm atmosphere and stunning views while relaxing in the pools, making it an ideal place for a calming and rejuvenating experience. 

As we have seen, the health systems in Turkey are distributed to different entities and they continue to grow, excel and compete with the most important countries, and if you have any other inquiries about a specific aspect, do not hesitate to contact our specialized consultants to view the information that interests you.


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