All you need to know about the gastric balloon

All you need to know about the gastric balloon

January 7, 2023

The gastric balloon is one of the common procedures to get rid of obesity and excess weight, and it is common and modern, and many people resort to it in order to obtain a fit and perfect body.

In this article, the editorial team at Blue Medical Center in Turkey has chosen to highlight the most important details related to it.

What is meant by the stomach balloon?

The gastric balloon is a nonsurgical procedure used to aid weight loss and involves inserting a balloon filled with saline solution into the stomach and leaving it in place for a period of time. The balloon is designed to take up space in the stomach, making patients feel full sooner and consume fewer calories. This procedure is relatively new and it was found to be safe and effective in clinical trials. In addition, research has shown that a gastric balloon can help people lose nearly 20 pounds, on average, over the course of six months.


Is the gastric balloon process safe?

The gastric balloon procedure is a safe, minimally invasive weight loss intervention that can help individuals achieve their desired weight loss goals. The procedure involves inserting a silicone balloon into the stomach filled with saline solution. This balloon helps reduce the amount of food a person can eat in one sitting, resulting in Increased portion control and ultimately aids in weight loss.

The gastric balloon procedure is performed under light anesthesia and usually takes about 30 minutes and involves inserting an endoscope through the mouth into the lower stomach, where the balloon is inserted and once it is in place, the balloon is inflated with saline and left in the stomach for 6-12 months and during this time from It is possible to reduce calorie intake by up to 30%.

Studies have shown that the gastric balloon procedure is safe and effective in helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals and has been found to be associated with some serious side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or discomfort, and infection. The risk of these side effects can be minimized by closely following post-operative instructions from In addition, the use of antibiotics before and after the procedure can help reduce the risk of infection.


Instructions before the gastric balloon procedure

Before undergoing the gastric balloon procedure, it is important to understand the instructions that must be followed as the patients must be aware that it is an outpatient procedure, which means that they must be ready to go home on the same day and in addition to that, they must arrange a ride home after the procedure.

Before the procedure, patients should not eat or drink anything for 6-8 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Moreover, they may be asked to take a laxative or an enema on the morning of the procedure. Patients should also refrain from taking any medications that interfere with blood clotting and from It is important to inform your healthcare provider of any medications they are taking beforehand.

On the day of the procedure, patients must wear comfortable clothing and remove all jewelry and body piercings and may also be asked to sign a consent form detailing their understanding of the risks and benefits associated with the procedure.

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Instructions after the gastric balloon procedure

Patients must follow a liquid diet for the first two weeks after the operation and this should consist of low calorie fluids, such as sugar-free drinks and patients should also drink at least two liters of water per day.

During this time, patients should avoid solid foods and soft drinks and in addition, they should avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine.

Patients should also take any medications the healthcare provider has prescribed, such as anti-nausea medications and antibiotics.

After two weeks, patients can begin to introduce solid foods into their diet. These should be small meals that are high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. Eating slowly and avoiding overeating are important to ensure proper digestion.

It is also important that patients attend all follow-up appointments with their healthcare provider as scheduled. During these visits, the doctor can assess the patient’s progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.


Who is a candidate for a gastric balloon?

 The patient must have a body mass index (BMI) over 30. BMI is calculated by dividing the patient’s weight in kilograms by the square of his height in meters. Patients with a BMI over 40 are considered obese.

In addition, the patient must also have an obesity-related health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or have tried and failed to lose weight through diet and exercise.

Furthermore, they must be medically stable and able to participate in a post-operative diet and exercise program.

It is important that patients considering a gastric balloon are aware of all the potential risks and complications associated with this procedure. They should discuss these risks with their physician before deciding whether or not to undergo the procedure.


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