front teeth erupting

front teeth erupting

April 14, 2024

Eruption of front teeth erupting is considered one of the most common problems in the dental world due to the negative impact it has on the mouth and spoiling the beauty of the smile, in addition to other problems that may result from it, which may affect the gums and jaws. In this article, we will learn about the causes of tooth eruption and how it can be overcome, so follow us

Causes of front teeth erupting

  • Eruption of front teeth can be caused by several different reasons, including:
  • Genetic causes: Genetics can play a major role in determining the structure and orientation of teeth, as a person may inherit a tendency for front teeth to protrude from one or both parents.
  • Normal Development: Slight protrusion of the front teeth may be part of the normal development of the jaws and teeth.
  • Bad habits: Some habits, such as chewing nails or using the mouth to open things, can change the position of the teeth, causing them to erupt.
  • Loss of back teeth: If teeth are missing in the back of the jaw, the jaw may begin to shift forward to fill this gap, making the front teeth protrude more.
  • Gum buildup: In some cases, gum buildup around the front teeth can cause them to erupt, especially if there are chronic gum infections.
  • Jaw disharmony: There may be a disharmony between the size of the upper and lower jaw, which leads to the protrusion of the front teeth.

Methods of treating erupted front teeth

  • There are many therapeutic methods to treat the eruption of front teeth, such as:
    Applying various types of metal or clear braces
  • Extracting some teeth, such as premolars, to improve jaw occlusion
  • Expanded position of the upper jaw
  • Dress teeth
  • Jaw surgery

Therefore, the protrusion of the front teeth has several possible causes, ranging from genetics to bad habits and natural conditions, as it is important to understand the exact cause of tooth eruption and consult with your dentist to get a personalized evaluation and appropriate treatment plan and in cooperation with the doctor, the necessary steps can be determined to correct the problem and improve the health and beauty of the smile.

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