Dental zirconium in Turkey

Dental zirconium in Turkey

December 14, 2022

One of the latest dental alternatives that resulted from the development of dentistry in Turkey is (zirconium), where many people around the world resort to it due to the high quality that it is characterized by, and given the importance of this topic and its great popularity among many patients, the editorial team at the modern Blue Medical Center chose in this article to talk about it, we wish you an interesting reading.


Advantages of dental zircon 

Dental zircon is a type of ceramic that can be used to replace teeth. It is made of a fine-grained mixture of zirconium and silicone. It has a higher resistance to wear and tear than other materials used. This makes it an ideal material for dental implants, which are often subjected to high levels of stress.

Another advantage of dental zircon is that it is non-toxic. This means that it can be used in areas where other substances might be dangerous, such as around the gums and in the mouth. In addition, dental zircon is biocompatible, which means that it can be incorporated into surrounding tissues without causing any harm.

Finally, dental zirconia is relatively affordable and this makes it an attractive option for people who want to replace their teeth but don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so.


Advantages of dental zircon in Turkey

There are several advantages of dental treatment in Turkey, firstly, dental care is affordable and dental work can cost as little as $150 or $160 per visit, much less expensive than in many other countries and in addition, Turkish dentists They are highly skilled and highly experienced, which means that your teeth will be treated with the utmost care. Moreover, Turkish dentists use a variety of techniques that are not commonly used in other countries and this allows them to provide you with the best possible dental care.


Are zircon crowns safe for teeth?

The short answer is yes, zircon crowns are generally safe for teeth. However, as with any treatment, there are some potential risks associated with crowns. These risks include the possibility of a tooth being broken or damaged by the metal used in the crown. In addition, zircon crowns may not be as durable. Like traditional dental fillings, they may require more frequent replacements over time.


Does the color of zircon teeth change?

There is a lot of debate about whether or not the color of teeth changes with age, with some believing that as we age, our teeth may change color, while others insist that this is not always the case and either way, it is an exciting topic. Interesting to think about it.


Can zircon teeth be whitened?

Many people wonder if teeth can be whitened with zircon. While it is technically possible, the results are often very poor. In fact, most professional teeth whitening treatments use peroxide and other chemicals that are much more effective in achieving a whiter smile. If you’re looking to try zircon teeth whitening, we recommend using an at-home whitening kit instead.


Do zircon dental coatings last a lifetime?

Zircon dental coatings are one of the most popular types of dental treatments today and are made up of a variety of different materials. These materials help protect teeth from bacteria, decay, and wear. While zircon dental coatings can last a lifetime, they may need to be replaced if they become discolored or If you start to fade.


Tips after installing zircon crowns in Turkey

1- Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least two hours after inserting the zircon crown into your mouth. This will help prevent any toothpaste from seeping into the crown and causing it to decay prematurely.

2- Avoid strenuous exercise for at least two hours after putting the zircon crown in place, because vigorous exercise can cause saliva to flow more forcefully, which may lead to the disintegration and fall of the zircon crown.

3 – Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you feel thirsty or have a dry mouth. This will help keep your gums healthy and reduce your risk of developing gum disease later on.

4 – Always consult your dentist before starting any new treatment regimen, as changes in your diet or lifestyle may need to be adjusted after installing a zircon crown.

5- Avoid exposing zircon crowns to heat or cold temperatures, as this may damage them or make them loosen and fall out of your mouth.

6 – Ensure that the crowns are clean and dry before placing them in your mouth, as if they are wet, they will not fit properly and can cause discomfort or infection.


How do you maintain zircon crowns for your teeth?

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Avoid eating sugary foods and drinks.
  • Avoid using harsh dental cleaning products.
  • Avoid using hot water or excessive water pressure when brushing your teeth.


Are the teeth sensitive after the installation of zirconium?

Many people wonder if the teeth are sensitive after the installation of zirconium, in short, the answer is yes, but it depends on the individual and the amount of zirconium used. , when used in dental restoration, it can cause sensitivity in areas where the metal was placed directly on the tooth and gradually disappear.


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