Dental implants without surgery? Is this possible?

Dental implants without surgery? Is this possible?

January 28, 2023

As a result of certain accidents, a person may lose a tooth or some of his teeth, or due to advanced age, and this is the greatest possibility, but does this mean that he must adapt to the current situation and accept the matter with its many disadvantages and disadvantages? Of course not, as long as the solution is available and available..Dental implants are the perfect, safe solution that provides you with distinguished results and an integrated smile, but can this process be done without surgery and without pain? This is what you will learn about in this article.


What is meant by dental implants?

First, we must shed light on this concept that has become prevalent among those interested in obtaining a full smile. Dental implants are alternative roots for permanent teeth that are placed in a consistent and appropriate manner with the rest of the teeth so that no difference is noticed.


How is dental implantation done without surgery?

We must note that dental implants without surgery is the solution for many cases, especially those whose situation cannot be postponed, and by following all these modern and new techniques that are followed globally, the fatigue and efforts of long months will be shortened with traditional implants that require many weeks, sometimes up to months, until they are completed. Finish the whole thing.


The importance of dental implants without surgery

This treatment option carries many advantages for the patient, and we will talk about them through the following points.

There is no surgery, that is, there is no pain.

 The patient only needs a little time to finish this matter.

The costs are appropriate and the techniques used are of high quality.

The patient will feel comfortable and reassured when relying on this procedure.

It is completely safe, no doubt about it.

The patient will not feel any discomfort.

After extraction of old or damaged teeth, new implants will be placed immediately.

This procedure is suitable for almost all cases, except for some rare cases that will not be suitable for this.

After completion, there will be no wound and no need for suturing in the place of implantation.

– The patient will not have to take many appointments until the matter is completed and finished, it is only one session only for the extraction and implantation to take place.

There will be no swelling nor having to suffer the effects of general anesthesia.

 The patient can return to his life and resume all his activities after only three days.

Are there failures in immediate dental implants? Certainly, but it was only 2%.


What cases are suitable for dental implants without surgery?

Before anything, the specialist doctor will conduct the necessary examinations for the patient, and on this basis the appropriate technique or procedure will be determined for him, but as we mentioned above, implantation without surgery is suitable for everyone, especially the elderly who do not tolerate much pain and people who have a condition of bone damage as well as It is suitable for patients with diabetes, blood pressure, heart and others.


How is the patient prepared for dental implants?

As with any other procedure, comprehensive examinations will be conducted for the patient, as well as the necessary analyzes and images via a CT scanner. These images will target the damaged areas and the teeth that need treatment.


Dental implant method without surgery

After the patient is locally anaesthetized, precise and small openings are created in the gums and between the jawbones, and this is done using laser beams, and then the doctor installs the previously prepared implant, and then the temporary tooth is placed over it..Has the implantation process ended here? Absolutely not, as after that the patient is left for several months in order for the implant to heal with the jaw bone, and after making sure that this matter has been done as it should, work is done to replace the temporary tooth that was placed over the implant the first time with a permanent tooth this time.


What happens after dental implants?

After completing the dental implant process completely without surgery, the patient will be able to leave immediately, but it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions, as he will be asked to eat soft things, and this is only for two days, no more, and he will be given a list of advice and instructions in the event of any pain.

In the event of any complications, it is necessary to visit the doctor, and there is no need to wait until the specified months are completed and go to the appointment for the replacement of the temporary tooth. It is possible to go before that to avoid the occurrence of unforeseen matters that may lead to counterproductive and unexpected results.


Do dental implants last forever?

This question is what any patient desires to do this operation. Will this immediate or non-surgical implant last a lifetime, or may he need to replace it after a number of years? In fact, it lasts, but for that, you must maintain permanent dental hygiene, that is, brush constantly, and it must be of good quality, and you must also use a reputable brand of toothpaste.

Any person who has dental implants should follow up with his specialist doctor permanently and also clean the teeth with floss periodically.


Can non-surgical dental implants be a failure?

Despite all the successes achieved by the immediate dental implants process over the past years and the success rates that reached 98%, there are some reasons that may hinder access to its success, and this is the role of the successful doctor, as he must study the patient’s condition before taking any step..what are those cases?

1 – In the event that there is not enough bone in the jaw, and in this case, additional bone will be placed to support and stabilize the implant.

2 – In the event that the sinuses are descending, then the doctor will need to place a bone under them to rise.

3- If the jaw size is narrow, the doctor will need to use some techniques to expose it.

4- If there is an infection, virus, or other disease in the patient’s mouth, the patient will have to take antibiotics first to treat them.


Should I worry about dental implants?

Absolutely only you should be calm and in a state of sufficient relaxation and in the event of any spasms after the operation or the presence of pain, any kind of prescribed analgesics will be appropriate to remove it.


Immediate dental implant costs

It is not possible to be certain about a specific price, as this matter differs from one patient to another according to the condition that the patient suffers from. He may need to implant one tooth, and it may be for more. Likewise, the matter differs according to the clinic that you intend to choose, the specialist doctor, the extent of his skill, and the country to which you go, but for example in Turkey, on average, costs $450 per tooth, and in America, it exceeds $3,500,000 per tooth.

These are the most important details that you need to know about immediate dental implants without surgery. This article was presented to you by the editorial team at the Blue Medical Center in Istanbul. All those in charge of it are fully prepared to provide you with all the services you need, answer your various inquiries and provide the appropriate diagnosis for free.

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