Connecting teeth is the solution to get rid of obesity?

Connecting teeth is the solution to get rid of obesity?

March 2, 2023

One of the tricks that many people resort to to get rid of excess weight is tying teeth. Do you think this leads to positive results? What are its advantages? What are its drawbacks? All this you will learn about in this article.


What is meant by tying teeth to get rid of obesity?

Dental bonding is a special procedure used to help obese individuals lose weight and involves tying the upper and lower teeth together using a miniature magnetic clasp. Before the procedure, the dentist must perform a dental polishing process to remove limescale and decay, as well as assess and agree with the patient. It is considered a cosmetic procedure. Tooth-colored resin is used to improve smiles and protect teeth, and although it’s not as widely known or recommended as bariatric surgeries like gastric banding, dental banding can be an effective way to lose weight.


Conditions for the dental bonding process

The patient must have strong teeth that can withstand the bonding process and there must be a vacancy. In addition, it is important that the patient undergoes a general check-up with the family doctor to ensure that he is free of asthma, lung disease and any other medical conditions that can be aggravated by the procedure and as advised by the patient. Avoid sugary drinks, grind food, and drink skim milk to help promote healthy weight loss.


How do you eat after tying your teeth for slimming?

Those who want to lose weight by clenching their teeth should keep in mind that eating solid food is impossible during this process. Therefore, it is recommended to practice a diet based solely on liquid foods, and this includes eating juices and soups. In addition, it is important to choose healthy liquids. Such as vegetable and herbal juices instead of soft drinks and sugary drinks. In order to get the most out of the binding process, people should also try to eat smaller, more frequent meals, as well as reduce their intake of salt and fat. Furthermore, they should make sure to drink plenty of water throughout. today.


Benefits of dental bonding for weight loss

Dental ligation has become an increasingly popular dental procedure in recent years as a way to lose weight. The process involves attaching metal wires between the upper and lower teeth, which narrows the opening of the mouth and thus impedes eating and chewing. This can help people lose weight quickly, but experts warn that it It is not without risks and potential health problems and other drawbacks are associated with the procedure, which must be weighed against the potential benefits. Ultimately, the goal of those undergoing the procedure should be to achieve a healthy lifestyle, rather than just looking for a quick fix.


Is the cost of dental bonding to lose weight high?

The cost of dental bonding for weight loss is relatively affordable and dental bonding has become more and more popular in dental clinics all over the world in recent times and is a great way to help people lose weight in a quick way and when done right the procedure can be quite successful and the cost is affordable Relatively in addition to this, there is also an alternative which is a non-invasive procedure called a stomach balloon, which can also be used for weight loss but comes at a higher price. However, it is important to remember that this type of procedure should only be done under the guidance of a doctor and to follow all the instructions as there are associated health risks.


The importance of losing excess weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for physical and mental health. Reducing excess weight not only helps maintain an outward appearance, but also reduces the risk of developing diseases associated with being overweight and obesity, such as heart disease. When a person loses weight, his fat cells shrink and his cholesterol levels can be properly managed. In addition, if they suffer from diabetes, this can be controlled more effectively as well. It is important to note that losing excess weight should only be done in a healthy way, with regular exercise and a balanced diet.


A balanced diet for a perfect fit body

A balanced diet is essential for a healthy body. Eating foods rich in dietary fiber, such as vegetables and fruits, can help maintain a healthy weight. Nutritionist Anna Reisdorf suggests limiting carbohydrate intake and balancing it with protein for optimal health. In addition, it is recommended to reduce your intake of carbohydrates. unhealthy fats and increase the intake of healthy fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and for those looking to get slim, lifting weights is an effective form of exercise that can help increase muscle strength and for those with broad shoulders, 35% should be consumed of carbohydrates as part of their diet and finally, long walks can help adjust the shorter body for an optimal fit.


Damage to dental bonding for weight loss

Dental bonding for weight loss has significant risks and disadvantages, including potential life-threatening risks and damage to dental health. Vomiting is a common side effect of the procedure and can cause reflux that may lead to vomiting through the nose, blocking the airway. Other changes in speech patterns and tongue weight, poor digestion due to returning to normal food after debonding, and vomiting in the airways. In addition, patients may experience dental damage from having their teeth joined together.

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