Can dental implants be for diabetics?

Can dental implants be for diabetics?

January 21, 2023

Many questions about the dental implant process are asked by those interested in this procedure, which we at Blue Medical chose to answer through this article.


Is there a possibility of dental implants for diabetics?

Diabetics now have the option of getting dental implants to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium that is surgically inserted into the jawbone and acts as a retainer for the artificial teeth.

Dental implants can be beneficial for diabetics because it provides stability to the mouth, helps maintain the health of the surrounding teeth and gums, and also helps to improve the patient’s ability to bite, speak, and chew. In addition, it can help reduce any sagging in the face that may be caused by missing teeth

However, before undergoing any type of implant, a diabetic patient must have well-controlled diabetes and not show signs of gum disease because gum disease can interfere with the healing process of dental implants and lead to implant failure.

If a diabetic patient is considering getting dental implants, it is important that they discuss their medical history with their dentist or oral surgeon so that they can assess their risk of complications. With proper care and maintenance, diabetics can enjoy the benefits of having a permanent replacement for their missing teeth through implants. .


Can dental implants fail?

Dental implants are widely used in tooth restoration. They provide a more permanent solution than other treatments and can last for decades. However, there is always a possibility of dental implant failure and this can be due to infection or other factors.

It is important to ensure that the dentist performing the implant is experienced and qualified, if the procedure is not done properly, it may lead to complications. Infection is also a factor to consider, as bacteria can enter the area around the implant and cause damage. However, the implant may need to be removed and replaced.

In order to prevent implant failure, patients should practice good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. In addition, they should inform the dentist if they feel any pain, swelling or discomfort around the implant area and these symptoms can indicate an infection.


Is dental implants suitable for all ages?

Dental implants are a beneficial restoration option for patients of all ages as a qualified dentist can evaluate a patient’s general health and medical history to decide if they are a suitable candidate for dental implants.

The success rate of dental implants is high, with most implants lasting up to 10 years or more with proper care. The implant structure is made of titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses with the jawbone, providing a strong foundation for the restoration. This fusion process can take several years. months and are necessary for the long-term stability of the implant.

Age should not be a determining factor in determining whether a patient is suitable for dental implants. Depending on the general health and medical history, patients under the age of 16 may be eligible for implant placement and the same applies to elderly patients and age alone should not disqualify someone from receiving a transplant.

For patients whose jawbone has deteriorated due to tooth loss or gum disease, bone grafting may be necessary prior to implantation. This procedure helps to restore the volume of lost bone in the jaw and allows adequate support for the operation to determine its success.


What are the reasons for Turkey’s distinction in the field of dentistry?

Turkey is famous for providing high-quality dental care to its patients and its dentists have undergone rigorous training and certification processes to ensure safe and effective treatments. In addition, its modern equipment and facilities ensure that all procedures are carried out with the utmost precision and care.

One of the main reasons why Turkey is so popular with dentists is its affordability. The cost of dental care in Turkey is much lower than in many other countries, making it an ideal choice for those looking to save money on dental treatments.

Turkey also boasts a number of specialized clinics that cater to specific needs such as orthodontics, implantology, and cosmetic dentistry. These clinics offer highly specialized treatments that can be tailored to the individual requirements of each patient.

Turkey has a strong culture of customer service, and many clinics and hospitals go to great lengths to ensure that their patients have a positive experience during their visit. This commitment to providing excellent service has earned Turkey the reputation it is now known for.


Is immediate dental implants a right choice?

Immediate dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to replace missing teeth, as they not only provide more natural-looking and effective results, but also provide a faster and more efficient recovery period than traditional implants.

 Immediate dental implants are placed at the time of extraction, so the patient does not have to wait for the area to heal before receiving their new teeth and with careful planning and accurate measurements, it can be done in just one visit.

However, it is important to note that immediate implants are not suitable for everyone, and a thorough evaluation by an experienced dentist is necessary to determine whether immediate dental implants are the right option for you.


We are keen to keep you abreast of all the updates that occur in the world of dentistry and the latest developments in the Turkish state in this regard. You can book an appointment with us to get informed and appropriate consultations for your case and to provide you with a package of important solutions.

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