Bleeding gums while brushing

Bleeding gums while brushing

April 7, 2024

Bleeding gums while brushing teeth is a phenomenon that most of us face. Who among us has not seen the mixture of support with saliva when brushing teeth? This phenomenon occurs as a result of several factors, all of which we will learn about in this article and we will also learn about appropriate treatment methods to prevent the recurrence of this phenomenon.

What are the causes of bleeding gums when brushing teeth?

The most prominent reasons that lead to bleeding gums when brushing teeth are:

  • Leaving stains in the mouth for a period of time without washing, and here the period is not long, but rather 24 hours of leaving the stain on is enough to cause bleeding when brushing the teeth.
  • Hormonal disorders also cause bleeding, and these disorders may result from menstruation, puberty, or during pregnancy
  • Fatigue and not getting enough sleep
  • Eating large amounts of unhealthy food
  • Taking some types of medications that cause dry mouth
  • Having chronic diseases such as diabetes, HIV, or cancer may lead to dry mouth


Bleeding gums

  • Treating bleeding gums when brushing teeth
  • Using a suitable toothpaste reduces the accumulation of plaque on the teeth
  • See your dentist periodically
  • Clean your teeth at least twice a day
  • Use dental floss to get rid of food residue
  • Failure to use a toothbrush may cause injury to the gums
  • Do not apply pressure when brushing your teeth
  • Do not eat large amounts of sugar
  • Maintaining a healthy eating pattern
  • Drink large amounts of water daily

Bleeding gums while brushing
Bleeding gums while brushing

What are the complications caused by bleeding gums?

When bleeding gums are noticed and neglected for long periods without treatment, this may cause the problem to worsen and lead to more serious injuries, such as:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • The role of Blue Medical Clinic in treating bleeding gums

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